From design to assembly, each framing project goes through a process of evaluation.  Everything is considered; from the color, texture and material of mat board, the proper mounting techniques and backing materials, to placement for display and the amount of direct and indirect light.  

The use of conservation and archival framing materials, whether we are framing a new piece of art or re-framing a piece is our standard.  It is critical to design a framing package that will not deteriorate or damage your art, and will prevent further damage by removing older materials like highly acidic mat board and cardboard.

If glass is required for a project we will always recommend using a glass that will prevent damage and fading from bright and direct light, especially works on paper or textile art.  The best practices call for glass that will block 99% of damaging UV light, provides reduce glare, and allows the best clarity.

What ever you wish to frame—from a child’s drawing to your father’s favorite fishing pole, Finn Hollow Arts will work with you to evaluate the best options for all of your framing needs. 


do you have a valuable piece of art, or a piece of art you value that needs re-framing or framing?


here is what you should know about outdated framing materials....


Some examples of our work

This original needed a new look.    


After re-framing


a small painting can stand out with a special treatment to showcase it.

After framing


Mid-Century original on hand-made paper.

after re-framing